I have now accepted orders for all my remaining stocks of raw materials and intend to retire when I have completed and delivered them. So I have removed all the order buttons. I still have the equipment and premises and am happy to do any repair work.

I would like to express my boundless appreciation to all my customers – particularly the ‘returning’ ones – for allowing me to make a living from such a pleasurable activity.

But there is every possibility that later next year I will want to make a few articles for my more persistent customers so have decided to start a ‘reserve list’ for customers who might want me to contact them in this event.

I really enjoy making leather bags and am still able to do that well enough. It’s keeping all the small business plates spinning that I feel too old to do anymore.

If you would like to go on that reserve list then please email me.

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The Daypack


(300x300mm x 12″x12″)

A stylish rucksack with a flap over a drawstring opening There is a zip compartment on the back to keep sticky fingers away from particular valuables when in crowded places.

Click here for colour choice.

Price: £140