I have now accepted orders for all my remaining stocks of raw materials and intend to retire when I have completed and delivered them. So I have removed all the order buttons. I still have the equipment and premises and am happy to do any repair work.

I would like to express my boundless appreciation to all my customers – particularly the ‘returning’ ones – for allowing me to make a living from such a pleasurable activity.

But there is every possibility that later next year I will want to make a few articles for my more persistent customers so have decided to start a ‘reserve list’ for customers who might want me to contact them in this event.

I really enjoy making leather bags and am still able to do that well enough. It’s keeping all the small business plates spinning that I feel too old to do anymore.

If you would like to go on that reserve list then please email me.

Customised Bags

Beautiful customised handmade leather bags

Henry is usually happy to modify his designs to accommodate personal taste or necessity (enabling a bag to perform a particular function). The added expense is relative to the amount of extra work.

Copying an existing bag of yours might be possible if you can provide him with the bag itself to take a pattern from. This is likely to cost MUCH more than the original but will not necessarily be an improvement.

Henry can sometimes make a bag based on itemised specifications (detailed measurements/drawings etc.) Aside from the expense of this route, there can sometimes be unforeseen consequences to certain design decisions. Henry’s long experience at improvising can usually spot these pitfalls, but be prepared to compromise!