I have now accepted orders for all my remaining stocks of raw materials and intend to retire when I have completed and delivered them. So I have removed all the order buttons. I still have the equipment and premises and am happy to do any repair work.

I would like to express my boundless appreciation to all my customers – particularly the ‘returning’ ones – for allowing me to make a living from such a pleasurable activity.

But there is every possibility that later next year I will want to make a few articles for my more persistent customers so have decided to start a ‘reserve list’ for customers who might want me to contact them in this event.

I really enjoy making leather bags and am still able to do that well enough. It’s keeping all the small business plates spinning that I feel too old to do anymore.

If you would like to go on that reserve list then please email me.


Does Henry sell and mail his bags to customers outside the United Kingdom?

Yes. He can mail his bags to anywhere on the planet.

Is postage included in the price?

No. Postage is £12 (‘next day’) for most of the United Kingdom. Henry uses either regular mail or courier when posting abroad and prices vary with weight, size and destination. When you place an order online, Henry will confirm the price in his reply email. If you want to know the cost of a particular bag to a particular destination before ordering, email Henry at

Does he ever use couriers (like FEDEX) when posting abroad to speed up the posting?

Yes, he has recently discovered ‘PARCEL BROKER’ who will offer the best deal at a given time, weight and destination.

How can I tell how much a bag costs in a different currency?

Henry suggests the use of an internet currency converter like:

How much more does it cost to have an existing design customised?

It depends on the degree of modification. Size change usually means making up new patterns which is expensive. Adding or taking away a feature is less expensive (or even cheaper). Specifying the length of the shoulder strap (a very common request) doesn’t usually change the price at all.

How much do wholly customised bags cost?

Very rough guide only: about twice as much as you might have expected to pay if the bag already existed in his range. The exception is if he is interested in incorporating the design into his range anyway.

Am I able to return a purchase that does not meet my expectations?

Yes. If you are unhappy with your purchase (and you don’t have to express a reason) you have ten days from receipt to decide to return it (unused) for an exchange or a full refund (except postage). Customised bags may be an exception and a compromise has to be reached if he will have difficulty selling the bag to someone else.

Is it possible to see and feel the leather before committing myself to buying?

Yes. If you are a UK customer, you need to send Henry an SAE (A5 envelope with ‘large’ first class stamp) specifying the design and colour range that you are interested in. Please include contact details in case he has any queries. He will then include an SAE with the swatches so that you can send your choice back to him (it is almost impossible to accurately describe leather over the phone). For overseas customers, make your request by email/phone.

Does the 28 day lead time mean that orders take the full 28 days before delivery?

28 days is a guide. Best to check by email or phone if time is an issue (birthdays/anniversaries). Some orders are fulfilled earlier and requests for a shorter lead time (birthdays) can usually be accommodated – particularly for returning customers. The exception is the approach to Christmas when the lead time usually slides out of whack. He works alone and he only has one pair of hands.